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Feran - Motorisation

"A touch of class"

Why not think about automating your curtains and blinds. Feran have a huge selection of motorised Awnings, Blinds,Tracks and poles, giving you total control at a touch of a button. Many of our curtain tracking systems can be supplied with light sensors or even a timing system offering great security while you are away on holiday.

Many of our products can be teamed up with your home entertainment systems, offering control over all your curtains, blinds or awnings from your ipad or phone.

Reasons for electric systems vary from child safety, out of reach windows through to simply not having to tug at a lightly coloured fabric to draw it across your window. Cinema rooms are fast becoming a popular area to use blackout blinds that will drop to cover the window, just in time for your favourite film to begin.

Feran provides a huge range of all its products in mains powered options, but now had an increasing amount of battery operated blinds. This means that if a room has already been decorated, then a blind can be installed with a self sufficient power supply meaning no unsightly wires!